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Water Tower Update

Water Tower Update Water Tower Update

Published: 30th April 2015

Chris Hatton, project leader for the water tower brings us up to date on latest goings on...

"We had a good day on the water tower project on Saturday - thanks to Ralph and Sam for their hard work, especially in the rain!  We took the final section apart and tidied up the car park and then we were able to lay out the best of the panels that we've got as shown on the attached photo.

The panels that we've got fall neatly into two categories really - pretty much OK or not OK at all.  We have moved the 'not OK at all ones' onto a pallet for scrap.  We have just enough OK panels to make a 4m x 2m x 2m high tank, which would give about 13.6m3 of storage which is very similar to the capacity of the existing tank at General (14m3) and around 3000 gallons.

We only need to do a 'cut and shut' job to five panels in total, which is a lot better than I was fearing.  Three panels need a new flange welded onto the top from donor scrap panels, and we were able to make a good start on this job on Saturday.  Two panels need more major work to make one good panel out of two bad ones.

Hopefully Sam will be able to continue chipping away at these jobs in the coming weeks, then it is a case of minor fettling to the rest of the tank and we will be in a position to start painting things - very exciting I'm sure you will agree!"

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