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Dates released month by month

First dates will be released at the end of March for May

Experience a thrilling footplate ride for 6 miles, up and down a branch of our railway, aboard a steam engine! Observe how our fireman and driver operate the loco, as you step back in time and relish in the era of steam.

Dates are released monthly and will be posted on our ticketing website and social media pages.

The steam footplate ride will cover a single line, lasting approximately an hour. When travelling the second branch line you will be sat with friends and family in our vintage coaches. Your footplate ticket covers both branch lines including your footplate ride and seated trip.

The time slot you choose, will depict which branch line you ride the footplate on. So if you have a preference on riding on a specific branch line, please take a look at our Timetable to work out which time slot to choose.


How long does the experience last?

The footplate ride will last approximately 1hr.

When do the experience days take place?

Dates are based on steam crew rotas and therefore can vary month to month. Dates are released the month before and can be found on our social media accounts and ticketing website.

How many people can take part?

Each footplate ride will accommodate one person.

Are there any restrictions about who can take part?

Due to the nature of the experience, participants must be at least 18 years of age and be of considerably good health; fit and active in day-to-day life. Participants must also be able to comfortably stand for a long period of time and be able to easily board and alight the engine footplate. If you are unsure about whether the participant is suitable for the driving experience please do not hesitate to contact us before booking.

What is included in the ticket price?

Each experience includes a single branch line ride on the footplate and the following branch line ride in our vintage coaches.

What should I wear?

All participants must have bare limbs covered. Either trousers and long-sleeve shirts or a boiler suit/overalls. Suitable footwear is also required. Please ask in our head office if you need to borrow overalls.

What happens if I need to cancel the experience?

Cancelled bookings are subject to a £5 admin fee. Cancelled bookings 48 hours before the booked date to ride, and thereafter, are subject to a £10 admin fee.

These charges may be waived in the event of extenuating circumstances, at the discretion of the Bodmin Railway.

What happens if Bodmin Railway needs to cancel the Experience?

Whilst every effort will be made to operate our courses on the dates advertised and agreed, there may be occasions when we have to curtail or cancel a course for operational reasons. If we cancel your course, we will offer you an alternative date or a full refund of the course fee, however we are unable to reimburse travel or accommodation charges associated with a curtailed or cancelled course.

How do I book?

This year all of our driving experiences can be purchased online HERE.

Payment of full price is required at the point of booking.

Steam Driver Experience Day

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