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We will be running Diesel Days on selected Saturdays throughout the year! 


Our Class 47; 47306 ‘The Sapper’, or our Class 50; 50042 ‘Triumph’ providing the motive power and a decent amount of thrash for our diesel days in 2024.

The Diesel Days will follow the GREEN Timetable regardless of which month they Diesel Day falls in.

If you wish to join us in 2024 for a Diesel Day you can find all the dates below and buy tickets on our website HERE.


Diesel Days in 2024

April 13th

May 11th

June 8th

July 6th

September 14th

October 12th

November 2nd

Please check our social media pages or email us for information on which locomotive will be used on each day. Locomotives will be decided approximately a week before date of running. 

Running on the Green Timetable

Departures from Bodmin General will be at 10:30, 11:50, 13:15, 14:35 and 15:45. The first departure from Bodmin Parkway will be at 10:47, with the last trip back leaving General at 15:45 and arriving at Bodmin Parkway at 16:15.

If you wish to join at Bodmin Parkway, tickets can be purchased from The Old Signal Box Café on Platform 1. Or purchased back at Bodmin General after your first trip.

Join us on an All Day Rover Ticket, which will allow you to travel as many times as you would like in one day!


Adult All Day Rover: £25.00

Child All Day Rover £12.50

Child under 3: FREE

Pasty & Hot Drink: £5.50

Pasty & Beer: £7.95