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Join us for the 30th anniversary of Murder Mysteries aboard the Bodmin & Wenford Railway! This year’s event is called Murder on The Railway - The 1940’s Diamond Heist.

“Murder on The Railway – The 1940’s Diamond Heist”. The world’s most valuable diamond necklace, “The Kimberley Star”, is on board this very train to begin its journey back to the safety of the bank. Locked in a safe, and with a Scotland Yard detective overseeing its transportation; what could possibly go wrong?

As a passenger on this train, you must watch and listen closely as the plot unfolds in front of you. Inevitably leading to the theft of the necklace, and in true murder mystery style… a murder!

Arrive at Bodmin General (PL31 1AG) at 6:30pm for a 7pm start, finishing by approximately 10:00pm. Your ticket includes a Cornish pasty and a drink on arrival. All tickets must be booked in advance and remember to choose your pasty type when paying for them.

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