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The canopy goes up

The installation of the canopy brackets marks the start of work which will see the entrance of Bodmin General station restored.

Work begins to install the canopy at Bodmin General Station on Thursday 25th April 2019. This milestone follows years of hard work, leading up to the successful test fitting which took place earlier in April (pictured). We can’t wait to see the canopy in pride of place at the front of the station, which will see the entrance of Bodmin General restored to it’s true 1950s look.

If you’re planning a visit to the railway over the coming days, please note that during the installation, it will not be possible to park in the accessible area immediately in front of the station. For those who require level access, where possible we suggest dropping off passengers before parking in our main free station car park, and returning to collect passengers following your visit. If you have additional access needs and have any concerns about parking, please contact the team in the office on 01208 73555.

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