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The Buffet at Bodmin Parkway Has Now Reopened!

The Buffet at Bodmin Parkway has now reopened!

The Buffet at Bodmin Parkway is under the management of the heritage steam railway, Bodmin & Wenford Railway and has been for a number of years. It was originally closed in early 2020 due to Covid, and remained closed whilst it underwent a major refurbishment. It reopened on 19 November.

The buffet is now trading under the name of the Cornish Rail Coffee Co., bringing it into line with the coffee shop at Bodmin General.

The popular buffet will serve a variety of hot and cold drinks, along with a selection of sandwiches, cakes and snacks. Passengers due to travel on mainline trains will be able to purchase these before they board the train, whilst local walkers will also be able to take advantage of the buffet.

The buffet has been given a thorough make over, giving it a fresh, new feel. The new layout means that more people will be able to sit at the windows whilst they wait for their train. For those people who are unable to access the buffet, there is a button to call for assistance.

It is open Monday to Saturday, 07:30 to 14:30.

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