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Staff Vacancy: Operations Manager

A vacancy has arisen to join the Bodmin & Wenford Railway team in the role of Operations Manager.

This is a part-time role, three days a week, but requires flexible working to cover all the different operating patterns of the Bodmin & Wenford Railway.

Currently, the role reports direct to the board and the post holder is accountable for the safe and compliant operation of all the companies’ operational activities. The post holder is the first point of contact with the ORR, HSE and other enforcement agencies relevant to the railway side of the business.

A close working relationship is required with the Commercial Manger who is financially responsible for the company.

The role is both hands on and seasonally driven – with operations taking the focus in the summer months, and managing of the SMS and other compliance activities in the winter months. The role requires the individual to be self driven and independent, and able to report effectively to the board as required.

A sound knowledge of Bodmin & Wenford operating practices or similar experience in another railway/industry would be advantageous.

If you are interested in discussing the role further please make contact with the Commercial Manager, [email protected] in the first instance.

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