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D3452 - Diesel Locomotive

Type: Diesel Locomotive
Operation: BR Class 10 Diesel
Number: D3452
Built Date: 1957
Built in: Darlington
Condition: Awaiting overhaul
Livery: BR Black


This is a Class 10, Lister Blackstone engined shunter, which was built by BR at Darlington in 1957. Because it was non standard it only survived a short while in BR service, being withdrawn in July 1968 from Toton depot. It was purchased by English China Clays, and worked exclusively at Fowey Docks for over 20 years, until saved for preservation by the Bodmin Railway Preservation Society in March 1989.

It is now in BR black livery, and is shed pilot at Bodmin General. It is rarely to be seen anywhere else on the line as it has a shifted crank which makes it unstable at speed. It is hoped to rectify this fault eventually.

Currently in store awaiting heavy overhaul.