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Stock List

Steam Locomotives

Number Name Summary Date Built Condition Livery
4612 x 1942 Swindon Serviceable GWR Green
4247 x 1916 Swindon Serviceable BR Unlined Black
6435 x 1937 Swindon Serviceable BR Lined Green
3058 Alfred x 1953 Stafford Awaiting Overhaul - Bodmin Parkway Port of Par Green
2572 Judy x 1937 Stafford Serviceable Port of Par Green
3298 x 1874 Nine Elms Serviceable Southern Black
5552 x 1928 Swindon Overhaul in progress BR Lined Green
71578 x 1944 Stafford Working order War Department
2962 No 19 x 1950 Stafford Awaiting Overhaul - Bodmin Parkway HM Devonport Dockyard Maroon

Diesel Locomotives

Number Name Summary Date Built Condition Livery
33110 / D6527 x 1960 Birmingham RC&W Serviceable BR Worn Grey
P403D Denise x 1960 Rolls Royce/ Sentinel of Shrewsbury Overhauled and in service Western Excavating Orange
37142 / D6842 x 1963 English Electric Serviceable BR Blue
47306 / D1787 The Sapper x 1964 Brush Under Major Repair BR RfD Railfreight Grey
50042 / D442 Triumph x 1968 English Electric Working Order BR Blue Large Logo
08444 / D3559 x 1958 Derby Serviceable BR Green
D3452 x 1957 Darlington Awaiting overhaul BR Black
443642 Brian x 1960 Lincoln Serviceable HM Dockyard Lined Maroon
22928 Peter Fowler 0-4-0DM Diesel 1940 Leeds Undergoing Restoration at Bodmin General Green

Multiple Units

Number Name Summary Date Built Condition Livery


Number Name Summary Date Built Condition Livery
W25807 (18807) x 1961 Derby Serviceable Carmine & Cream
W18560 / 25560 BR Mk1 SK 1958 Wolverton Stored Maroon
W18572 / 25572 x 1958 Wolverton Stored Maroon
W35130 x 1957 Charles Roberts Serviceable Carmine & Cream
S1873 x 1961 Wolverton Static - in use Carmine & Cream
S1874 x 1961 Wolverton Serviceable Carmine & Cream
4484 Dining Coach 'St Piran' 1957 Birmingham RC&W Serviceable Chocolate & Cream
4789 Dining Coach 'St Petroc' 1957 York Serviceable Chocolate & Cream
80702 Dining Coach 'St Pinnock' 1955 Metro-Cammell Serviceable Chocolate & Cream
M4656 x 1957 York Serviceable Carmine & Cream
W4963 x 1962 Wolverton Serviceable Carmine & Cream
10618 x 1983 Derby Static - in use Green
2434 x 1910 Swindon Undergoing Restoration Bauxite
ADB975033 x 1953 Doncaster Serviceable Green
248 / 9044 / 80973 x 1881 Swindon Serviceable Chocolate & Cream
S34627 x Gloucester RC&W 1955 Carmine & Cream Serviceable
W232W x 1951 Swindon Serviceable BR Lined Maroon


Number Name Summary Date Built Condition Livery
MODA5108 x Serviceable MOD Green
DB975289 (34620) x 1955 Gloucester Serviceable Black
1498 x 1945 Swindon Stored Brown
164834 x 1944 Hurst-Nelson, Motherwell Serviceable (Water) Silver & Black
B489672 x 1953 Birmingham C & W Serviceable (weedkiller wagon) Bauxite
B743171 Geoff x 1955 Swindon Serviceable Bauxite
B743353 x 1957 Swindon Serviceable Bauxite
B743443 x 1959 Swindon Serviceable Bauxite
B743495 x 1959 Swindon Serviceable Bauxite
B743031 John x 1954 Swindon Serviceable Bauxite
35302 x 1948 Swindon Serviceable Grey
508682 x 1935 Wolverton Stored Grey
DB952045 x 1953 Faverdale Serviceable Bauxite
B955166 x 1962 Ashford Undergoing Overhaul Bauxite
B904546 x 1951 Swindon Serviceable Grey
DM700709 x 1942 Shildon Works Serviceable Grey
261052 x 1943 Darlington Serviceable Bauxite
222814 x 1938 Darlington Serviceable Bauxite
W103999 x 1927 Swindon Stored GW Grey
104663 x 1923 Swindon Serviceable BR(W) Grey
S1855 x 1942 Lancing Serviceable BR Green
S392 x 1937 Ashford Stored Faded Green
94257 x 1959 Earlestown Stored Grey
94732 x 1960 Earlestown Stored Grey
M31274 x 1941 Wolverton Serviceable Grey
B870073 x 1952 Wolverton Serviceable Bauxite
41799 x 1902 Swindon Serviceable BR(W) Grey
DB 993895 x 1957 Birmingham RC&W Serviceable BR Engineers Black
983622 x 1960 Shildon Works Serviceable Bauxite and self colour
983591 x 1960 Shildon Works Serviceable Bauxite and self colour
Not known x Not known Not known Serviceable Black (chassis)
KDE301568 x 1947 Cambrian Wagon Works Stored Brown
W2506 x 1934 Swindon Undergoing overhaul at Bodmin General Silver & Black


Number Name Summary Date Built Condition Livery
Camel x 1875 Wadebridge Serviceable Southern Green