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5619 Visit

5619 Visit

Published: 27th July 2015

The B&WR's latest visiting locomotive is GWR 0-6-2T no. 5619. Built in 1925 and with a tractive effort of 25,800 lbs it is ideally suited to pulling heavy loads on steep gradients. It is on loan from the Telford Steam Railway after a lengthy overhaul at the Flour Mill in Gloucestershire. During the busy summer holiday period It will work in tandem with home based GWR 2-8-0T no. 4247, these being the only two steam engines at Bodmin which can handle five coach trains on our three miles of 1 in 40.

On Friday 24 July (its first day of revenue earning service) 5619 is pictured taking water at General as it runs round its train. Atop the engine is Fireman Chris Hatton and on the ground Driver Phil Leonard. Coincidentally, this is the first week for Chris in his new role as Operations Manager.

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